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The Resonance Centre

A well-being hub serving the community through connection, community and social inclusion.

‘The Resonance Centre’ is a well-being hub based on connection, community and social inclusion. Our centre will provide activities, classes and services designed to benefit the mental health and physical wellbeing of local residents. Our primary focus is yoga, meditation, movement, nutritional guidance, sound healing and breath Work. Home to a variety of community groups such as art classes, adult drama, youth theatre, sober raves, book club, outdoor walking groups and seated yoga for the elderly. We have a stunning 2000sq ft facility inside a delightful old Schoolhouse not far from the city centre and directly opposite the local Metrolink.

Get in touch Website: theresonancecentre


599 Ashton New Rd, Manchester M11 4SG, United Kingdom,
M11 4SG

Accessibility information

The venue is wheel chair accessible with disabled toilets downstiars. Some events take place upstairs so please contact us before to make provisions.

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